New Guidelines for Flight Operations to International Airports

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The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has released new guidelines for international flights operations due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. These guidelines apply to all Nigerian-based flight crew and airline passengers.

The policy and procedures require Nigerian airline operators to enforce the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and observe Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC) measures for the duration of the flight.

Members of the Flight crew are expected to be tested for COVID-19 every 14 days, instead of a 14-day quarantine on returning to Nigeria.

“Cabin crew will apply a disinfectant spray in lavatory every 60 minutes during the flight,” the NCAA press release dated 27 May read, adding the medical checkup bill for Crew Member will be on Air Operators..

“Upon return to Nigeria flight crew will not be quarantined but will undergo mandatory testing for COVID-19 every 14 days at cost to the Air Operator.”

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This is also in line with the gradual-easing of the lockdown by the Nigerian Government. An important new development involves checking in for departure. It’s expected passengers fill flight details online.

The statement signed by the Director-General of the NCAA added Flight Crews are to practice Social Distancing while attending to passengers. Airlines are to make propper accommodation and transportation arrangement for the Flight Crew during mandatory stopovers.

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“Ensure safe removal of gloves after performing specific tasks. Avoid touching their face and eyes with unclean hands. Flight crew are to ensure that all passengers wear a non-medical face mask for the duration of the flight except when eating or using emergency oxygen. Flight crew are to ensure that passengers rub their hands with alcohol-based sanitizer as they embark the aircraft.

“Put up a notice in the lavatory/washroom on hand washing that requests passengers wash their hands after using the lavatory . Flight crew are to maintain a safe distance between passengers and themselves; avoiding direct physical contact. Cabin crew will serve only pre-packed meals to passengers.”

For More on The NCAA Press Release, See Here.

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