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Community-based tourism is a type of tourism that is developed and maintained by local communities for their visitors. It is prominent in providing travellers the opportunity to interact with the local community.

According to a source, community-based tourism became pronounced in the 1980s when the tourism industry started to demand the participation of communities.

Community-based tourism is not really about travelling to a place. It’s about travelling to a community! A rural community!

What do you say about going on a tour of a rural community during your next holiday? You are sure to love the experience!

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Travellers, in recent times, are getting more inclined to community-based tourism. That is not farfetched since it has loads of benefits!

Here, the host population of the community is responsible for welcoming the travellers and ensuring their well-being during their stay in the community.

Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Community-based tourism is shaping travel by providing unique experiences. It allows cultural bonding, and at the same time, re-enforcing ideas that the values and cultural sites of the community are preserved and respected.

Travellers get exposed to community/rural life and are enlightened as they learn about specific cultures, traditions, and the local heritage of communities. The experience is a total turn away from live viewing on tv or reading; it’s practical, a real-life experience!

The community also benefits from it as the revenues go to the community and its people. It helps to further the development of the community and improve their way of life.

Community-based tourism provides you with the best guides who are residents of the community. They will guide you on your tour to novel places and sights!

Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay

More than just a trip, community-based tourism makes travel an opportunity to experience intercultural sharing! You will get to share things with people of a different culture from yours, thereby promoting unity.

It also makes travel an opportunity for tourists to discover authentic projects they can work on! So, instead of racking your brain on a unique project to work on, go on community-based tourism to unravel new things that are project-friendly!

Travel becomes more than just fun with community-based tourism; it becomes educative, informative, and expository!

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