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Easter is that time of the year again when Christians around the globe mourn and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a period when they talk about their faith and spread the love of Jesus as shown on the cross. But it means something more to others as they reconnect with loved ones and share the joy of being saved.

Why is easter special?

Here are five (5) things that make easter unique;


The first thing that makes Easter special is that it is preceded by a period of fast known as Lent. Unlike other Christian celebrations – Christmas and new year celebrations, believers wait on God through prayer and fasting for 40 days before they eventually celebrate easter. As a believer, you get to sacrifice your appetite for some hours, for days, and even commune consistently for days with the Saviour, Jesus. The fasting period is called Lent, and not all Christian denomination observes it. Easter is different and unique because it is sacrificial and sacred.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


Another thing that makes easter special is the tradition of dyeing eggs. Yeah! You heard that right. There is a popular tradition of dyeing eggs during easter, especially among the Orthodox churches, which spreads to Western Europe. This tradition originated from the idea that eggs symbolize rebirth and new life.

So eggs became a symbol of resurrection as they meant the coming forth of a new life from the eggshell just as Christ rose from the tomb. Following some sources, the practice of dyeing eggs during easter was adopted by early Christians of Mesopotamia from Persian Nowruz tradition before it was later adopted by the Orthodox churches. Thus, as a memorial of the blood of Christ shed at the cross, the Orthodox churches paint eggs red.

Also, eggs are painted in different colours and patterns using natural ingredients such as tree bark, onion peels, and flower petals. These dyed chicken eggs are shared among loved ones and even eaten! If you want to practice eating dyed eggs, ensure you dye the eggs with edible colourings.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay


Easter is also special because it is the only celebration that takes three days. There is no argument about this! We all know that of all religious holidays, only easter is celebrated for three days. That makes it special and unique in its way! The celebration begins with a Good Friday when it is believed that Jesus died, followed by an easter Sunday when Jesus resurrected, and finally, an easter Monday when Jesus told His disciples to meet Him at Galilee; that’s why Christians go to Galilee on easter Mondays. Although for most Christians, Galilee is their house!


The practice of Palm Sunday also makes easter special. You should be able to relate well if you attend a Catholic, Methodist, Orthodox, or Anglican church. Palm Sunday is a sacred Sunday that is marked on a Sunday that precedes Easter Sunday.

On that Sunday, blessed palm leaves are distributed among church members and made into crosses. This practice is a memorial to the triumphant entry of Jesus to Jerusalem for Passover. During this entry, palm fronds were laid on the ground to welcome and honor Jesus as He rode on the colt. The palm leaves symbolize peace, triumph, and eternal life.

Image by -Rita-👩‍🍳 und 📷 mit ❤ from Pixabay


Finally, easter is special because people visit family and friends in the bond of love. Loved ones would reach out to one another and be reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus, personal issues would be resolved, and friends would reconnect again. The celebration, the joy, and the vibes are all part of what makes it unique.

So, at Vecta Travels, we wish you a lovely time with your family and friends this Easter period. We also hope to be a part of your story by building fantastic packages and getting you affordable flights for the season.

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