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When packing for a trip there are checked luggage precautions that have to be taken into consideration in order for travellers to have a hassle-free vacation. A simple rule all travellers should have is packing anything of value and of a fragile nature in their carry-on luggage while leaving out things not approved at the immigration checks. Making copies of essential documents, getting a credit card for overseas spending,

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Checked Luggage Precautions

Money and ATM cards

The immigration Officers are used to dipping their hand in checked luggage which might lead to things like money, ATM cards, cheque books being reported missing on rare occasions. There has also been talks of a spoilt zip or snap which is a good opportunity for theft. Since such experiences are rare and far in between, it’s best to take precaution by using a zip tie or luggage strap for your checked luggage to ensure these instances are well prepared for.

Cash book money pen


People have been known to ascribe sentimental values to somethings others would not which brings us to the issue of packing valuables and jewelry during trips. When a luggage is damaged or lost in transit it is mostly compensated for by the airline after the filled claims form has been reviewed and accepted by the airline. To ensure this process is seamless travelers are advised to take a picture of their luggage’s outer appearance, inner picture with the packed items and possibly leave a copy of your travel itineraries with a contact information for the airport official who would handle your luggage after its found. Since it’s not possible for the full refund to be made on the affected luggage, it will be best you keep your valuables at home and if it’s inevitable to carry them with you put them in your carry-on luggage for close monitoring.

All of Your Clothes

Let’s quickly check out the scenario of packing all the clothes for your trip in your checked luggage and then it gets lost or damaged, what would you wear till you get new ones? Yes, we thought as much during the editing of this post which brought us to the conclusion that you should keep at least two change of clothes in your carry-on bag to be prepared for such happenstance.

Essential Documents

This applies mostly to virgin travelers, please do not keep your original essential documents like passports, boarding pass, identification cards etc in your checked luggage because you would not have access to it for passing through immigration during departures and arrival in your destination. To keep your original copies safe ensure you keep them in your carry-on bag while the photocopies can be in your checked luggage.

luggage by a man's feet

Fragile items

Packing fragile items can be quite challenging when flying so your best bet is to ensure they are packed in such a way that their damage would not affect your checked luggage in any way. Especially when baggage handlers are not being paid extra to handle your baggage such items are packed at your risk.


Packing undeveloped rolls of camera films in your checked luggage when it has to go through the checkpoint x-ray machines which are notorious for destroying films is a  No No. Rather put undeveloped films in your carry-on bag and declare it at the immigration post for an officer to inspect them by hand.

Food and Drink

Packing food and drinks in checked luggage is not prohibited by Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) but might be frowned upon by the country you are traveling to in the case of international travels. Another concern is the case where such stored foods and drinks pour in transit to damage other belongings in your checked luggage which is the reason we advise packing unopen drinks in a zip lock clear bag which acts as an extra checked luggage precautions against spills.


What better way is there to keep ones electronics like tablets, laptops safe than keeping them with you in your carry-on bag where you can give them all the tender loving they deserve as opposed to putting them in a checked luggage where they end up being at the mercy of baggage handlers, bumpy flights, and many more hazards. We have heard of travelers cushioning their electronics in folds of towels and clothes but believe it when we say it does not guarantee its safety.

man typing on a macbook


Since one’s condition is best known to that person, its best you pack medications you know would be needed during the flight which might be a long one considering where your destination. Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) allows for liquid medications to be taken by travelers in-flight to ensure they are healthy during and after the flight. All they require you to do is label your medications for the ease of going through their checkpoint.

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To find out more about what you can pack in your carry-on bags and checked luggage make sure you ask at the embassy of the country you are traveling to make sure. Do you have more checked luggage precautions we didn’t mention? Share them in the comment section.

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