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Be assured there are safe cities to visit in Nigeria that gives a sense of belonging while learning new things. Safety overtime has become a great need among humans especially with the rise of civilisation and use of technology. Safety is the condition of being protected from undergoing harm or causing harm to one’s self, others or properties. To achieve a measure of safety in our world today you have to stay up to date with the various news of happenings around the community you live and work in. The rise of Militants against the government and the people alike both in the middle belt and the Northern part of our beloved country Nigeria has shed a bad light on the international conception of our great nation. These have invariably led to a reduction in tourists visiting yearly and well-meaning tales of locations to avoid as seen in the news home and abroad while omitting safe cities to visit in Nigeria.

Nigeria has 36 states with lush greenery, bountiful waters to sustain life, friendly and hardworking locals not to talk of their zeal to survive and improve with technology. There are major tourist attractions like the Gurara falls in Niger state, Zuma rock in Abuja, Olumirin waterfalls in Osun state, first story building in Nigeria, Obudu cattle ranch and many more exciting places to visit. Some safe cities to visit in Nigeria are just a sanctuary most people dreamed of living in considering the little to no traffic, constant power supply, no flooding, and top of all secured.

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Safe Cities to visit in Nigeria


Benin City is the heart of Edo state which retained its glory since the historical times of the old Bini Empire when the people were as fierce as they were hardworking. Benin is known for its good road network, ancient arts and crafts, the traditional way of life and all round jazziness. Asides from being the commercial hub of Edo state it is host to the local airport, universities and other top establishments. Benin City is a good place to raise kids because of the low violence and crime rate, constant power supply, cultural consciousness and general safety. Majority of locals are seen in the evenings going to their respective homes and vigilantes coming out for their night watch.

aerial view of benin


Abuja is known for its well-planned setting and is located in the middle belt of Nigeria. Abuja is host to all political happenings at the national level in Nigeria within locations like Maitama, Asokoro, Wuse II amongst others. The roads are the standard six lanes with well maintained street lights and road signs for newcomer’s ease in finding their way around the city. Abuja is highly secured with various armed forces stationed at strategic check points to monitor road behaviours and ensure quick response time to emergencies on the road which makes it top on our list of safe cities to visit in Nigeria.

For attractions to visit in the state go to Wonderland amusement park where thrill rides and other activities abound or better still have a picnic in the various parks and gardens abundant all through the city. This is a good location to raise kids with the serene environment, little travel time to major places, good road network and friendly locals.

Abuja city entrance arcade


Calabar is a prominent city in cross river state which is in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Calabar is a coastal city with beaches to have fun in with resorts like Tinapa Business Resort, Tortuga island, and others to keep visitors busy. It is one of the top cities in Nigeria where tourism is taken to the next level with their yearly festivals that are always highlighted by the costumes used, skilled dancers and performers showing their expertise in different areas. The city is also known for the infamous Obudu cattle ranch where the cable cars take their passengers over the Oban hills and the mangrove forest rich in biodiversity.

The road network here is top notch with little to no traffic at any point in time while the electricity is just something out of the modern day Nigeria. The government of the state puts security at its foremost though with street lamps coming up immediately it is dark and the armed forces being positioned at major stops to guarantee safety.

Calabar is reported to be one of the cleanest cities in Nigeria, as well as being known for holding extraordinary celebrations and one of the safe cities to visit in Nigeria. The annual 2-day Calabar festival is something every visitor must try not to miss. It is a top attraction for tourists and a place where many expatriates live due to the government’s efforts in making it a pleasant, conservative environment to live in. Nurturing a family in this city would be a thing of joy to anyone after you experience the city firsthand you would be convinced of its safety.

sculpture of a giant hand in calabar

Safe Cities to visit in Nigeria


Osun state is amongst the safe cities to visit in Nigeria and well known for its richness in agricultural produce. The heartland of the Yoruba land is home to the fierce Ooni of Ife who was conferred the responsibility of creating the world with a fowl and staff according to the Yoruba mythology. Osun is a peaceful city with many locals seen going about their daily activities with happiness and very friendly to outside. It is home to the renowned Obafemi Awolowo University and several other learning institutions around. Oshogbo the capital of Osun state is known to host the yearly Osun-Oshogbo festival which is internationally recognized and well populated by tourists.

This state is gradually developing with street lights coming up immediately after dark, little or no checkpoints within the city and constant electric power supply. Raising children should be a thing to look forward to in this state since the standard and cost of living are reasonably below the world’s estimate.


Being a coastal city and the heart of commercialization in Nigeria, Lagos is being overpopulated which increases the security measures instilled by the state’s government. Lagos is known as one of the cities in the world that never sleeps with the busy markets and thriving nightlife of Lagos. Central business district at Marina is home to top businesses and the popular Lagos island market where all household items, fashion wears, electronics and the likes are being sold at wholesale prices.

There are a number of attractions to be enjoyed in Lagos from lounging on the beach to cinema hopping, visiting nature reserves, scuba diving and lots more. The power supply in Lagos is well distributed with solar powered street lights going on immediately its dusk. These light have helped in the reduction of crime rate in the state along with the efforts of the vigilantes and armed forces.

aerial view of lagos


Enugu which is the capital of Enugu state is known as the coal city because of the great role it has played thus far in the diversification of the Nigerian economy. It is a much secured location with little or no reported violence in its history even with the different culture represented in the people living there. Enugu has a great network of road, top tourist attractions like the Ogbunike cave which is known for the role it played during the Biafran war shielding the indigenes. The government has made it a priority to ensure the safety of lives and properties in this state to ensure the continuity of its culture and economy.

Street lights are seen dotting the landscape after dark with patrol vans going around ensuring no crime or abuse is being perpetrated. Growing up in this state would foster in a child a sense of stability, serenity, and self-discovery.



As it’s the custom of storytellers, Once upon a time is the beginning of the tale of Ibadan the capital of Oyo state and one of the greatest city in Africa, once upon a time. Ibadan has within its lushness the Old Oyo national park for the preservation of wildlife and faunas, Agodi gardens for relaxation and get togethers and the Gbagi market for everything and nothing to do or buy. The first tallest building in Africa Cocoa dome now houses several entertainment centres, a hot spot among the young and a must see for any tourist passing through the city.

Ibadan is well known for the easy-going pace adopted by its locals and residents alike with light traffic at evenings around Iwo road. The standard of living and cost of living is relatively cheap with standard schools pricing at reasonable amounts for the kids to get the best education possible.

overhead bridge and cars in ibadan


Markudi is the capital of Benue state which is renowned as the food basket of the Nation. Benue state is linked to the Benue river which is connected to the influential river Niger. The natives of the land are Tiv, Idoma, Igede, and Etulo who have been known to have lived in peace for years without any major wars.

The state is home to the states university and other tertiary institutions. Makurdi boasts of warm and welcoming locals, very cheap food and low cost of living. Benue’s economy is based mainly on Agriculture with few major businesses situated around and lots of sole traders of everyday staples.

a roundabout in makurdi with sculpture basket with fruits inside


Kaduna state is a cosmopolitan city in the Northern part of Nigeria with abundant land and the centre of most educational pursuits in the north. Kaduna is known for its secured environment with several security stops mounted throughout the state watching out for any mayhem.

There are several preservation centres like the Kakum national park, Zoo that is relaxing and educative for the kids to visit. The overall cost of living is generally low with enough to spare out of your earnings for important projects.

ancient artwork on the emir of Zaria's palace

How many Nigerian cities have you visited?

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