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Solo Travel is quite the trend now, correct?

Some folks probably think of it as a bad idea, while others are jumping right into the trend. What do you think about embarking on a travel alone? Does it rarely cross your mind? Yeah? It’s normal! An average person mostly only thinks of travelling with loved ones or family. It is not shocking as people perceive being a lone ranger to be boring. Notwithstanding, there are pretty good reasons to travel alone, and how to do it is not a problem, as you will learn in this piece!


Solo Travel means you are going on a journey alone without the company of anyone. It could be a short journey that might last a couple of hours or a long one that might take you days. During this period, you are emotionally and physically absent from the environment and people you are familiar with. Solo Travel has become more pronounced since 2016 – all over the world, and there’s been an increase over the years.

Solo Travel vs. Group Travel

There’s a popular opinion that group travel is better than solo travel. It’s probably so because you will be in the company of people, which makes it more interesting, and there are added advantages. But solo travel can be quite thrilling too, plus it has its benefits.

In group travel, you might have to give up sights or places you are curious about if it does not benefit the group. Solo travel, on the other hand, allows you to satisfy your curiosity without anyone hastening you. Also, solo travel can be as secure as group travel if you make it to be. You only have to be mindful of where you turn to and what you do.


5 Good Reasons to Travel Alone

You get to make new friends

Solo travel allows you to make new friends. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not like you won’t meet new people during a group travel, but you are less likely to make new friends, especially if the new person is not someone your group is interested in. You will have to consider the feelings of your group before giving attention to a new friend. Besides, there’s this joy in moving alone, meeting new people who could be your tour guide or as little as point a direction to you. You can choose to linger with new friends without having to consider the feelings of anyone. Or what do you say?

An opportunity to self-reflect

If you travel alone during your leave from work, it’s an opportunity to self-reflect without distraction from colleagues or family members. You can linger at a beach or a solitary spot in the woods with a glass of wine in your hand while you take time to think back and reflect without anyone hastening you to see a new sight or have fun. You can imagine the beauty in such, right?

You get trained to trust your instincts

Embarking on a solo travel is a way of developing yourself to trust your instincts. You can choose to seek the opinion of your friends or family in a group trip because you trust them and need to carry them along. But on a solo trip, whose trusted opinions will you seek? Yes, that’s the point! You cannot trust the judgement of a stranger to make vital decisions. So, you will learn to trust your instincts. Over time, with solo travel, you will develop the skill to trust your instincts, and it will benefit you in other areas of your life.

An opportunity to find a new you

Yes, since there’s no group around to tell you what to do, your curiosity will be piqued, and you will discover a new version of yourself that you never knew existed! You might never know you have the talent to weave until you find yourself curious about the locals weaving during your solo travel, and then you decide to give it a trial.


Moving from your comfort zone

Solo travel is a way to move from your comfort zone. We all prefer to be around the people we love and are familiar with. But there’s something about stepping outside that comfort zone and exploring the world alone. Solo travel affords you that opportunity! You get to try new things and develop yourself, whether difficult or easy, without anyone around to indulge you.

How to do Solo Travel

Secure a saving and budget

All bills will be on you in a solo travel. You will have to pay for the accommodation, transport, pay the tour guides, etc. So, plan your money and budget well since there’s no friend to foot some of the bills.

Learn to interact cordially with people

To make the most of your solo travel, you should consider interacting with people cordially. You will no doubt need people to guide you at one point or the other, so you need to put up a friendly face and talk. It will enable you to enjoy your travel and make new friends.

Get a tourist guide

Embarking on solo travel does not mean you go solitary. You can do your solo trip with a tourist guide to put you through the new environment.

Avoid being rigid

You don’t have to be stiff in solo travel. Be flexible! No one is there to impose things on you, so allow yourself to explore and decently enjoy the moment.

Be security conscious

You don’t have to throw caution to the wind because you are on a solo travel. You need to be mindful of your movements and what you do even though there’s no one to tell you what to do.

Solo travel can be fun and memorable. Just try to be yourself and be careful, and you will find yourself wanting more

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