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These top destinations for under 30 travelers are meant to help with maturity. Your twenties are years of trial and error, successes, failures, and emotional. Some studies suggest they’re the years when you’ll make most of your long-term friends. There’s a reason the world over believes in the mind-altering effects of traveling when you’re young. Travel memories are stickier than other memories. Five years down the road, they stay with you in a way that your mundane day-to-day activities would not.

No matter how preoccupied the mind is, you would always remember your first time seeing a new place. These are the memories we keep with us as we age and the body seem not to move the way it used to. Some activities would no longer be possible, the more reason you should do your backpacking and rigorous traveling while you are young.

As one’s preference changes in hairstyles, clothing, partners throughout the years, so does ones travel taste. The best way to learn about yourself and about the world is from the perspective of a global citizen. You have to venture out of your comfort zone and into an unfamiliar culture, destination, and adventures.

There’s no better way to change your perception of the world and maybe yourself than travel. You will mix with different cultures, meet new friends and make lifelong memories. Traveling in ones 20’s can be quite challenging considering factors like:

Little or no time off work;

Safety concerns like health complications, the environment;


Our picks are more of a Checklist of places to visit when you are ready to explore than a mandatory list. All you need for your trip is your passport, hotel reservation, flight ticket, visa and travel insurance. Which we have on a lockdown at Vecta Travels the best travel agency in Nigeria.

Top Destinations for Under 30 Travellers

  1. Go on a Safari in South Africa

Its common knowledge Safari trips are expensive but its worth every amount spent becoming one with nature. These safaris take between 5 to 7 days to complete which takes careful planning. The Kruger National Park in South Africa is known to be one of the best for game sighting. South Africa has been a malaria-free zone which makes it ideal for more tourists to visit. You would be sighting the Big Five animals in the park including Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Rhinoceros, and Leopards roaming free. Going farther to the Southern tip there are Ostriches, Penguins, Monkeys and maybe one or two Southern right Whales if it is their season of migration.

Kenya should not be left out since its the first location to Animals in their natural environment. You can visit during the Maasai Mara migration between July to October. Over 1500 Wildebeest, Zebra and Antelope migrate over the Maasai river. Their migration is a trigger for Cheetahs, lions and other wild cats to come out for hunting.

Trek through Volcanoes National park to see the almost extinct family of Apes. These safari trips are therapeutic to the mind. Help young tourists connect with nature and see things differently from the stories they see of these places.

Elephants and a rover

  1. Waka around Eastern Europe

It is believed that Eastern Europe is uninteresting due to it having more of architecture and its locals to show off. One thing that makes Eastern Europe stand out is their cost of living which invariably affects your spending while visiting. You are guaranteed to spend lesser in terms of accommodation, feeding, transportation and more compared to when visiting London.

A good example of countries in Eastern Europe is the Czech Republic they are believed to consume more beer than any other nation in the world. This makes the cost of beer cheaper than water and invariably draws more young people with the allure of getting high and partying till dawn.

Budapest, Belgrade, Serbia, Romania, Varna, and Bucharest cannot be left out of the college crowd they pull. These countries are mostly visited during summer where their cafes, bars, clubs, hostels are full to the brim with business. A detour can be made into the countryside for great pictures and hiking.

castle in europe

  1. Get that Beach body in Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel’s land mass is compared to that of the state of New Jersey in the United States. The streets and houses area scene from the well documented Israelites journey in the Bible. They are made of stones and well kept. The North and South are two different worlds with former having lush greenery and waterfalls while the latter is more of deserts and rocks.

The locals are very welcoming, going about their daily activities with a cheery disposition. Tourist can be found mostly on the beaches, soaking up the sun and generally displaying their summer bodies. Another thing common to the capital of Israel Tel Aviv is the vibrant nightlife and inexpensive hotels. They mostly offer free Wi-Fi, free breakfast with wine and cheese all on the house during your evening dining.

Young people are mostly recorded visiting Jimmy Who for a drink, exploring the arts at Tel Aviv Museum of Art or dancing at the artsy Kuli Alma. During summers, you can go camping under the beautiful skies, gazing at the stars. You can also take the extensive hiking trails throughout the country for exploring the countryside and getting good air. While in Tel Aviv ensure you pick up one or two Hebrew words for conversing with the locals and generally interacting with their culture.

israel aerial view

Top Destinations for Under 30 Travellers

  1. Indulge your Foodie in Japan

Japan is generally expensive with little English spoken by the locals. It is a good location to be culture shocked due to their cultural practices and norms different from the Western world. Tokyo the capital of Japan has a lot to offer people in their twenties. It is similar to New York City with its population of over 10 million people and very organised. Tokyo is a technology forward destination with lots of surprises for everyone. Robots are seen amongst the populace going about their daily task with fascinating rigor. Their vending machines are something to behold with the weird varieties of things you can get from it. From plastic souvenirs to shoes can be purchased atop them.

When in Tokyo make sure you use their Bullet train system which would definitely knock your socks off. You can travel to Osaka at the speed of light on the train to enjoy the finest Japanese dining in the area. Forward to a trip to Kyoto a more laid back town with Geisha sightings far more possible along their cobblestone streets. The Northern Province is known to have one of the best skiing trails in the world. This should be explored by the slope enthusiast during the winter months.

osaka japan

  1. Experience the personality of New Orleans

You might have been to New Orleans before but not experienced “Mardi Gras”. Mardi Gras is the celebration of the Fatted Calf and seen as a rite of passage among Young Americans. It is a time to enjoy your youthfulness, live jazz music and generally get wasted. Lots of adults are seen visiting the French Quarter during the parade. This is the only location where risqué behaviours are tolerated. Do not let the festivities distract you from keeping your valuables.

Enjoy authentic Cajun cuisine when visiting New Orleans.  If visiting New Orleans at any other time of the year Bourbon Street is your best bet. There are always Live bands playing, enough drinks to go around and many clubs hoping to do. Other attractions include a Swamp and Bayou tour by boat, a visit to Jackson Square to see different artists make and sell their art on the spot.

building in the french quarters in New orleans

  1. Take cool Photos in Morocco

Morocco’s vibrancy speaks volumes through their artworks, showmanship of their magicians and the environment. This is a location where different spices take dominance. Morocco is a budget-friendly location with lots of activities for young travelers to engage in. Go on a desert trek while riding a Camel, explore their riads and markets and dine at Casablanca restaurant. You can also go all out to the coastal town of Essaouira to buy and eat fresh off the boat seafood.

spice in morocco

  1. Go Backpacking in Thailand

Repeated behaviour of young travelers has shown their ever-increasing love for coastal cities. Phucket is a coastal city with pristine beaches, snorkeling, and scuba diving sports. After the thrill of the beach wears off, you can explore the culture of Thailand by eating some Thai food, visiting remarkable monuments and generally getting assimilated.

Be rest assured accommodation is cheap with $35 or lesser you can get a comfortable room with standard amenities. The 21st century has seen more of foodies which would make the Kruvit Raft more appealing to young travellers. Kruvit Raft food service is done on a floating raft with much aesthetics attached to soothe the senses. If you have a flair for architectural structures you can visit Lampang afterward. It’s a small rural town with friendly locals and cheap amenities. While there you can visit the Chalermprakiat Temple, a stunning structure atop Pu Yak mountain.

floating market in thailand

Remember to engage with Locals, eat their food, learn as much as possible.

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