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Ways to find affordable food anywhere you travel would ease some travelers of their burden. Cost of planning a trip from the flight tickets, hotel reservations, transportation in the city, tours can be quite huge. Going on to feeding several people at least twice daily becomes worrisome. There are ways to find affordable food anywhere you travel without breaking the bank and still having some saved from your budget. These tips do not require you to cook but rather helps you discover the local cuisine and experience their culture through food.

Vecta travels the best travel agency in Nigeria gives tips on:

Ways to find affordable food anywhere you travel


Most tourist attraction streets tend to be high priced with not so satisfactory food. It’s understandable when you are hungry to consider eating in these locations but you end up with little portions of mediocre food. Just take your time to walk away from your location either five to ten blocks in either direction.

people taking a tour


When in a new environment believe it when we say locals know best. Ensure you ask locals that seem close to your age range to narrow down your choice. Do not go with the first reply, I repeat “Do not”. Ask other locals to have information to compare. Make your decision on the majority and then ask for directions to the place. Better still you can consult with the TripAdvisor app for directions to the place, see reviews of others.


When you get to the restaurant, look around to see the kind of crowd they attract. Notice the food being eaten, the ones with the most request is a good enough option to request.

street cart with customers

Ways to find affordable food anywhere you travel


The fear of food poisoning is the beginning of wisdom for a traveler. Moving from one place to another is definitely not a good time to have tummy issues. Food vendors on the road with either karts or stalls on a street corner receive quite a number of patronages daily. It is okay to eat their food providing you watch out for the ones with a clean surrounding and a good queue. Since locals would not queue before a vendor with a bad reputation, the chances of the food going bad are very slim. Ensure you pack enough drugs for constipation and stooling.


Due to Restaurants charging almost double the price of dining during evenings, lunch period is best to eat. These said restaurants half their prices during lunch to entice customers. I know you are doubtful about the quality, it is same as dinner. You can eat your fill during this time and snack on something extra at night.

people dining


The bakeries we speak of are not our customary Nigerian Bakeries producing Agege bread and the likes. These Bakeries tend to serve delicacies like a croissant, variety of bread, pastries, sandwiches, wraps, tea, and coffee at affordable prices. Being a regular here for the duration of your stay in the neighbourhood might just get you familiar with the owner.

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