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Travelling alone sometime can bring about healing. It could be all you mind needs to come up with that creative idea or perhaps with that proposal that will change things for better.  Travelling solo before you turn 30 does a whole lot of good than bad, hence we reccomend you 5 African cities you should visit solo before you turn 30.

You have the luxury to explore and understand yourself better, it’s cheaper, you gain more confidence, you trust yourself more because you are completely relying on yourself to make choices, you stand a chance to make new interesting friends, learn new cultures, be selfish all by yourself, an opportunity to indulge yourself without interference, try out new things, an incredible opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth etc.

I understand that solo traveling can be apprehensive, but guess what, it’s the most exhilarating experience ever. What can be more thrilling than zoning yourself, working or doing things at your own pace, flexibility and most importantly setting your own agendas and timeline?

The typical Nigerian dream is to make money, get married, have children, make more money again, buy a car, build a house, make more money again and again and then maybe go on a vacation with their family.  Even when they end up achieving their dreams, which is in most cases, is not very easy as it sounds, they definitely would have missed out on some few perks of solo travelling.


We have compiled some few countries that can help you get in touch with your inner self, discover the adventurous side of you and get that much needed bragging right to stand tall and say you have seen and explored it all.

1. Porto Novo:

Im sure you are wondering where this place is located, Well worry less. The name might sound too posh but behold the capital of Benin Republic is Porto-Novo, However the seat of government is in Cotonou, which is the country’s largest city and economic capital.
I know some people may think Cotonou is rough and not too fantastic to visit. But hold that thought, you are still less than 30, a little bit naive to some adventures, ready to explore, party, try new culture, eat something different like some very nice plate of  fufu accompanied with peanut soup etc.

Cotonou is a fun place to explore, its cheap, its rich in history, culture, folklore, values, lots of fun places to visits like the central mosque which is the most important building for the country’s Muslims, Ancien Pont which is a bridge built in 1928 and crosses the Lagune de Cotonou and separates the two sides of the city, Route des peches  which is one of the most awesome beach and avails you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful scenery and then my favorite places GANVIE; This place I love so much because it’s more of an unusual attraction and it also has been termed as the ‘’Venice of Africa’’


2. Nairobi:

This city is an incredible and awesome destination for young solo travelers for some obvious reasons such as an amazing array of grassland, savannah, mountains, beautiful people, safari, beaches etc.

Nairobi is a classic definition of beauty all encompassing; it’s safe, its modern, well-structured, beautiful people, nice weather, amazing delicacies and an impressive city state.

I once told a friend that no one really can explore the whole of Nairobi in a lifetime simply because there are too many things to see and places to visit like the National park, National museums, Kazuri bead factory, giraffe center, Elephant orphanage centers, etc.

Although Nairobi can be a little bit dusty and hot, but then just one visit to brew bistro and lounge is all you need to give everything a chance. This is a lounge that brews its own beer and serves over 50 different varieties of burgers all in one space.

Also, if you love to ravage on street food, good cocktail, outdoor art-house, good music and vibes, then your next stop is at ‘’The Alchemist’’


3. Marrakesh 
Most people think Marrakesh is all about mosque, Muslims, medieval walls, souks, palace, smells of rosemary, lavenders or even camels. But far from it, the city is just as funky as your typical Lagos State, filled with lights, smokes, bottles, night live, tourist, pleasant sweet smells of caramel and very lively with lots of amazing party clubs that has plunged the city into the spotlights.

A crazy weekend in Marrakesh is an advice for you now that you are still young, free and ready to try out new experiences.
Although alcohol is prohibited in public places and even for Muslims generally in Marrakesh, but guess what, everyone waits patiently for night to fall, and once it does, alcohol flows, music starts in most clubs and then belly dancers takes the dance floor immediately its after 10pm.

There is more to Marrakesh than you can imagine.


4. Cape Town

This city is beautiful, full of delight, charming, attractive all year round, very cool and full of surprises. Cape town boast of some magnificent arrays of natural wonders like the famous cape of good hope where the Indian ocean meets the Atlantic, Robben Island, which stands as a symbol for freedom and discrimination, The Table Mountain, Pristine beaches etc.

You just can never be bored in Cape Town. Things you could do includes taking a walk on the colorful street of Bo-Kaap, a visit to Zeitz museum of contemporary arts which is the largest in the country, a visit to western cape which is home to the cape floral kingdom. etc
No doubt, this city offers a perfect balance of activities, attractions, diverse accommodation, bustling nightlife and there is always something new to enjoy in Cape town


5. Kigali

This is a city of hills, ridges, valleys, vibrant people, attractive sceneries and arguably one of the most cleanest cities in Africa. Kigali is peaceful, very vibrant, accommodating, pretty small country yet very serene.

The country as a whole is fast developing into a hub for tech, commerce, creative start-ups, and gradually talking its place in east Africa as an economic power house.

A visit to Kigali is not complete without a pass through the safaris, jungles and the Kigali Genocide memorial center to mention a few.

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