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Going through a new city can be quite confusing while the trickiest aspect is knowing the right walkway to take, the next turn to make or the consciousness of traveling alone. To explore walkable cities in Europe you have to put on an inquisitive demeanour with either a tour guide or reading up on the city in question before exploring it on foot. To start ensure you have on your comfortable Orthopedic shoes for walking, get the best maps and directories of the area and then set out with a sense of expected discovery and openness to new opportunities. This compilation was made having in mind the foot bound adventurer who prefers seeing things as a local as opposed to being a tourist.

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Walkable Cities in Europe

Paris, France

Visiting Paris and exploring all its parts can be quite daunting on your own especially when you do not have a laid down schedule for the sights you want to visit and explore. If you are the adventurer who likes discovering places yourself the best thing to do is take a public transport or best still a cab which would take you to your point of interest for the day after which you would then walk through the area exploring the different sights and sounds of the neighbourhood which are called Arrondissement in French. While meandering through this arrondissement you can stop to take a bite at one of the many outdoor cafes and food vendors around the area.

Paris which is popularly called the city of light is very popular amongst walkable cities in the world due to the intelligent structure of the sidewalks which are beautifully lined with cafes, gardens and water fountains.

Popular places to visit in Paris include: The Seine, Tuileries gardens, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, the Louvre etc.


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Oxford, England

When visiting London, take time out to visit the university city of Oxford-shire. The Old and small city is amongst the top walkable cities in Europe. Oxford has the oldest University in England which started in the 11th Century with the oldest public Museum – The Ashmolean. The streets of Oxford are full of adventurous old buildings like the ancient churches hanging around the corners, pubs where people come together after a hard day’s work to relax and catch up with the happenings in town, with restaurants for eating. Remember to make a stop at the University of Oxford which still retains its original ambiance with some new wings added to it.


Handheld panoramic shot of the Radcliffe Camera and surrounding University buildings in Oxford.

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Venice, Italy

Venice the famous city of Gondolas winding through the canals, streets, and alleyways allows you to experience the sights and sounds of Venice on one ride. Venice is a waterlogged city which makes walking the second option when exploring the majestic Byzantine palaces, Palazzi Barbaro which was built in the 17th century and the famous Monasteries of the Cannaregio district. Stroll down the neighbourhoods to see how locals live, what they do, foods they eat and how they interact with each other and the markets. Stop along the way to have an afternoon tea or espresso at one of the cute Italian restaurants then on to the next site. For people watching and meeting new friends go to the canal at dusk with some food and wine to relax along its banks for getting a feel of Venice at night with the sun going down, quiet streets and the calm waters.


Walkable Cities in Europe

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We know Amsterdam is quite a big city but its location on a flat plain makes it ideal as one of the walkable cities in Europe. Amsterdam is known to have the largest number of bicycles in the whole of Europe with dedicated pathways all for bicycles which requires the pedestrian to be extra careful when crossing a busy road. To see the history of the city and enjoy its buzzing culture you can hire a tour guide to take you around the city either on a bike, walking or a ride down the canal. Walking through the city of Amsterdam stop at the Anne Frank house, Van Gough museum and eat a plate of Poffertjes in one of its indigenous restaurants.


Edinburgh, Scotland

This is another hill surrounded city with the view from the top just spectacular with several landmarks to be identified and fresh undiluted air being inhaled. Edinburgh is one of the historical pride of Britain’s medieval era with the ancient castles to tour, galleries and museums with relics and artworks on display, historical pubs where Leprechauns might have had drinks, or maybe not and the famous Museum of offers. The people of Edinburgh are most welcoming and friendly with a ready smile to help whenever a tourist needs it.


Dublin, Ireland

Dublin city is the capital of Ireland and an organized Irish settlement with a big emphasis on walking and keeping fit. The Emerald Isle as its been called is good for hiking and exploring the gems within it like the Dublin castle built in 1204 and still standing, Spire of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin where the illuminated Book of Kells was crafted by Irish monks in 800 Ad. Another thing to look out for is the famous Guinness beer which is the pride of the country and a refreshing reprieve for the thirsty tourist.


Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague is divided into the New Town, Old Town and the lesser area which are being linked by the Charles Bridge and is very comfortable to walk from one section of the city to the other. Prague is called “the heart of Europe” as the culture of central Europe is dominant in the city as the beauty of the city is seen in its street arts, historical buildings and on every other street corner you pass while walking through. The city of Prague gives off a magical atmosphere which is usually captivating to the tourists and lures them to explore more of the city if they dare. The main areas for sightseeing are the New and Old Town which is divided by the great Vltava River leaving the Lesser Town to one side with the Prague castle taunting from a distance. To take on this walkable city in Europe you need comfortable sneakers, appropriate wears for the temperate weather and a water bottle to go. Exploration can start from one of the various architectural collections like the galleries, streets, concert halls, fashion shows, music festivals to name a few.


Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a small city in North Belgium with a well preserved medieval city which made UNESCO name it as part of their World Heritage site. Walking through Bruges is like stepping into the 14th century when society balls, Monarchs, and the opera were the order of the day. Bruges is sometimes called “The Venice of the North” and is notable for its dark chocolates and beers which are brewed to the finest finish and served chilled in extra-large mugs. Another way to view the city is by taking a boat cruise through the canal to see the whole of the city and identify landmarks that stand out while stopping to walk through historical churches and museums.

Bruges city

Have you ever been to any of these cities? Do you like to explore new cities on foot when you’re traveling?

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