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Travel tips for exploring a new city is majorly the same fit, looking up the historical centres, museums, markets, going on guided tours and the likes. With this post, we will look at how best can one explore a country? as well as which things to take important while exploring and others to ignore or better still hold lightly.

Vecta travels the best travel agency in Nigeria gives tips:

Travel Tips for Exploring a New City

1. Patience Is a Virtue

Patience keeps your anxiety pangs in check while in a new location and helps you focus on the things that really matters. You missed your tour for the day? Why not take your own tour of the sights you are to see with Google as your guide and your instincts in place. Remember the saying that goes thus, you never know what you might find while wandering.

2. Be a Morning Person

Lots of keen travelers have attested to the opportunity waking up before others in a new place helps them explore without the crowd and take good pictures of the views and also meet locals going about their daily activities. Sometimes it’s good to ditch the knack for sleeping since it’s a holiday and hit the town early.

3. Laugh

There is this feeling of self-awareness when in a new place which sometimes leads to being clumsy. When this happens to you, take a minute to laugh at yourself and the situation because life is too sweet to be taken seriously always. When learning a local dialect its mostly comes out differently from what you are being taught which makes the local you are trying to converse with laugh. Do not feel bad instead laugh with them. It earns you more friends along your way exploring a country.

4. Take Extra Cash

We do not mean literarily walk around with lots of cash instead keep a universal bill like the dollar in your little hiding spot when traveling to prepare for financial hiccups like you exceed the amount you can use on your credit card daily or when the ATM machine in your location runs out of cash. The best way we can think to keep extra cash away from the prying eyes of immigration or light-fingered room service is sewn behind a patch in your baggage.

5. Meet Local People

What better way do you know about exploring a place if not frequenting places locals are bound to be in order to make friends with them and experience a firsthand feel of a new place. Avoid tourists like yourself or the embassy of your home country to learn to speak, gesture and think like the locals do because people enrich your travels than sights do.


6. People Watching

To get the feel and pulse of a place, take a few hours to engage in people watching especially in busy areas where the locals are bound to be found and watch how they go about their various day-to-day activities. This is a form of meditation especially when you close your mind to thoughts but just take in the little details of the activities going on around to make a whole of after the people watching.

people in the park

7. BackUp

We mean this in relations to your documents and files either on your phone or laptop because no matter how you dress down as a tourist there is still this caliber of scammers who can smell tourist from afar and try to steal from you. When this happens and you have taken the necessary precaution of backing up your documents and reporting to the necessary authorities then you can rest easy and not sweat it.

8. Take Lots Of Photos

Since we know that great pictures are a unique form of souvenirs for yourself and others then you should make sure you take pictures of the places you are exploring for keepsakes and because they do not cost anything.

9. There’s Always A Way

There are places in a country where tourists are not allowed to visit and the locals might go out of their way to stop you from going, just bear in mind that nothing ever stopped a determined mind. So all things definitely work out in their own time.

10. Smile

When exploring a country you have to do a smile check from time to time to ensure you are being friendly with people you meet along your way as this would open their hearts to you and make them friendlier. Especially when a smile touches your lips it acts as an open invite for the stranger to trust you and see to it that you have a wonderful stay during your visit.

11. Splurge A Bit

Being on a trip can act as a spending caution to travelers who are mostly on a budget and have them continually go on one form of savings plan or another just to keep afloat and steady. What you need from time to time is a little pampering which can be you booking a lovely hotel, dine at a fancy restaurant or booking a very comfortable Airbus for your next trip.

12. Be Open

Whatever you do or says, stays with your acquaintances long after you depart each other which is necessary for you to always be open and listen to other’s opinion as this can help you get a better understanding of the place or people in general. When you welcome different opportunities, people, suggestions it helps you grow and better understand your new environment.

Travel Tips for Exploring a New City

13. Volunteer

To learn more about a country volunteer for projects and causes you can easily relate with so you can give valuable service while making new friends and knowing the country better.


14. Don’t Be Afraid

When you get lost while exploring a new place take a deep breathe and then you ask for directions from people around to know which way to take. If you prefer you can just keep wandering till you find what interest you to stop and admire after which you continue on exploring. Keep an eye out for dangerous situations or neighbourhoods to avoid.

15. Eat Local Food

This has never been overrated as exploring a country goes because one way of getting familiar with the country is eating their local delicacies which you can get at restaurants and street vendors depending on your budget.  For street food ensure you look out for stalls with many people queuing for the food which is a mark of credibility and recommendation.

local food

16. Less Planning

When exploring a country the best thing to do is follow the vibes the country gives off, listen to the sights and sounds around to know what to do and where to go during your wandering days. If you plan to stay in the country for long let your sense of adventure take its course else you can sign up for guided tours to take in the country at once with little or no delay.

17. Relax and Exercise

Normally when you travel to a new location it takes a while for your body to get used to the new environment. Eat well and exercise regularly to help eradicate the toxins and free radicals the body is bound to produce in no time at all.


18. Keep In Touch

No matter how exciting the new place is always kept in touch with your family at home to let them know your well being because whatever relationship you make while traveling is just fleeting and you still go back to the people you left at home.

19. Travel Insurance

As we never think something bad might happen or we fall ill on a trip is how they happen which then becomes very expensive to take care of such occurrence because the bills are too expensive. So we need to get a travel insurance when exploring a country to put such occurrence under check when in a new place.

Comment your travel tips for exploring a new city which makes you the happiest.

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