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Are you pondering about where to go with your family during that next vacation? Try out the seven must-visit historical sites in Nigeria!

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is a heterogeneous country with diversities of cultures, arts, and traditions. The nation has many ethnic groups that are rich in history and have unique backgrounds and heritage.

Nigeria has beautiful historical sites that can satisfy your appetite for entertainment, recreation, education, and relaxation! The historical sites include old towns, monuments, waterfalls, mountains, etc.

Below are seven Must Visit historical sites in Nigeria.

Ikogosi warm Springs

A Quick Guide To Visiting Ikogosi Warm Spring | The Guardian Nigeria News -  Nigeria and World News — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News –  Nigeria and World News

This is a must-visit historical site in Nigeria. It’s a spring with hot and cold water. According to a legend, a hunter had two wives; one was hot-tempered, while the other was well-mannered. On a faithful day, these women fought and eventually became a water spring. The hot-tempered wife turned into a hot spring, while the well-mannered wife, on the other hand, turned into a cold spring. These two springs flow in parallel and meet at a point, forming a confluence while maintaining its thermal quality. That is indeed a mystery! You will want to visit this beautiful site and see for yourself!

Erin Ijesha (Olumirin)

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls - Wikipedia

This is a waterfall located at Oriade local government, Osun State. It’s one of the most visited historical sites in Nigeria. Erin Ijesha waterfall has seven steps, and each step of it has a flowing fountain. It’s indeed mystical! The water level of Erin Ijesha has been observed to be constant throughout the year. You and your family will have a lot of fun when you visit this historical site. The atmosphere is fresh, serene, and calm. There’s the adventure of discovering, climbing, and seeing nature’s best!

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Idanre Hills

View of Idanre Town from Idanre Hill

Idanre Hills are one of the historical sites in Ondo State of Nigeria. These hills have magnificent heights of about 680 steps from the bottom to the peak. If you look around, you will see mysterious writings etched into the rocks, and no one has been able to decode them to date. Another thing that makes these hills so puzzling is the magical footprint on one of them; this footprint fits any foot put in it! Are you probably thinking how possible this is? Why not visit this historical site and have a look?

Gurara waterfall

Gurara Waterfall - Fatima Muhammed — Google Arts & Culture

This is also a must-visit historical site in Nigeria. It’s in the Niger state of Nigeria, quite close to Abuja. Gurara waterfall is a beautiful site to behold! A visit to this historical site with your loved ones will allow you to feed your eyes with the beautiful sights. It will also provide you with a calm environment for picnics and bird-watching. The water of Gurara waterfall is suitable for swimming, especially during the dry season when the water is clean and cool.

Olumo Rock

Elevator gears at Olumo.jpg

Olumo Rock is an ancient giant rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Legend has it that the rock served as a place of refuge for their forefathers during a particular war. Olumo Rock is 137 meters above sea level. It’s easy to climb and a good spot for beginners at mountain climbing. Before the recent innovations of staircases and elevators on the site, people went to the peak of this rock through stairs carved into the rock. When you arrive at the top of the rock, you will get an overview of the whole of Abeokuta, specifically other historical sites like the Ogun River, the central mosque, and so on. A visit to this place, especially during the Olumo festival around March, will be much fun for you and your family!

Ogbunike cave

Ogbunike Caves - Wikipedia

This cave is in Ogbunike town, in Oyi local government of Anambra state. The main chamber of the cave has ten tunnels leading in different directions. A stream flows out of this cave, while several streams flow into it. The Ogbunike cave holds lots of mysteries! According to tradition, visitors must remove their shoes before entering, and women on their monthly periods cannot go in! It is a historical site you will want to try out with your loved ones. The chambers of this cave hold mysteries!

Old Oyo

Old Oyo National Park - Where to go in Oyo State

Old Oyo is a historical site you will also love to visit. It’s believed to be the former city of ‘Oyo’ known as Oyo Ile. There was a war with Hausa/Fulani raiders in the 18th century, during which the old Oyo town got deserted. A visit to this historical site will show you that the place was once a place of abode. There are ruins of buildings, such as a water reservoir and an old palace compound, built by people who once lived there; there are also grinding hollows, cisterns, and wells. You can visit this place to see what the settlements look like in those days!

A visit to any of these historical sites is a rare opportunity to behold the beauty of Nigeria, give you an insight into the ancient lifestyles, and provide you with loads of fun and adventures!

Pay a visit to to book a trip to any of these sites from wherever you are.

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