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The various advantages and disadvantages of budget airlines make them a good alternative for travellers looking to save money while getting to their destination. These airlines are known for their interesting routes, cheap flight fares, and little or no social class differentiation as their passengers are seen as equals and are treated accordingly.

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These low-cost airlines are targeted by budget travellers. People who do not mind forfeiting some part of their comfort and luxury commonplace with major carriers for a discount. Type that’ll trade comfort, anyways, for family-themed vacations or promotional tickets. It is necessary you know the various advantages and disadvantages of budget airlines before you book with them. We want to help travellers make better choices. When you decide to buy such flight tickets we are here to help you compare fares on various budget airlines. Now you can beat your chest best possible price guaranteed, relax and take more time to plan a memorable trip. Remember to buy flight tickets well ahead of your travel dates. A general rule of thumb for getting lower costs in most cases.

Passengers alighting from Ethiopian airplane

Advantages of Budget Airlines

They’re called budget airlines for a reason – lower rates that make for appealing flight fares for budget travellers. And you can save more by booking earlier. There are reasons fare rises the later you book. At this point, the traveller starts to question and doubt intentions. First, remember these airlines serve fewer routes. They’re able to offer low prices to travellers and they can be quite cheap in non-peak travel seasons.

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Budget airlines also offer lots of promotional prices which also appeals to the average traveller. These promotional tickets can only be used within set travel dates. To take advantage of the promotion make it a habit to always check a booking website for new promo fares and discounted packages.

Another interesting advantage of budget airlines is that they understand travel agencies have much crowd. So they offer discounts to travel agencies, not available on the website of the carrier. This way, they can get more passengers flying the respective routes on their network at any given time. Isn’t that awesome. We like to think it is. Anyways…

Speaking of routes… The best budget airlines fly both national and international routes. It makes it more appealing for travellers to stick with a carrier, especially the ones known for the best safety experience.

Budget airlines are not snobbish with priority boarding, allowing first-class and business-class travellers to board first. Instead, boarding takes place uniformly but can be done in stages to maintain orderliness and also make sure the weight on the aircraft is balanced.

Dana airplane in the sky

Disadvantages of Budget Airlines

It’s safe to expect to forfeit some form of luxury and services you’ll always get on major carriers, like catering, entertainment, lounge services etc.

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Many budget airlines don’t use major airports for takeoff and landing. Instead, they use secondary airports in the city. This adds to the cost of getting to the airport from the city centre – or vice-versa – on the part of the traveller. The best among travel agencies include airport transfers in their package to save you the stress of commuting long distances all by yourself.

You might be charged for overhead baggage and some other services, which might be free on major carriers.

Beware of hidden charges aside from the original fare advertised on the website. Some intentionally take off some cost to make fares cheaper, so an unsuspecting customer book, only to pay some very funny charges least expected. Hence it’s always best to book with a reliable travel agent, who displays an exact sum you are expected to pay and differentiates the different parts of the total sum.

Budget airlines’ travel schedules are usually available in non-peak hours. Such times as in the mornings might clash with your availability to be online to book flights. We are here to intervene in such times by taking your request beforehand and implementing the bookings. We take the stress and hassle off travellers, who’d also love non-appearance check-ins and clearances.

Another possible issue you might face with promotional tickets is that dates or destinations may be limited. Talk of destinations, they may eventually offer promotions to places you are not interested in seeing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Budget Airlines

The inability to get a refund when flights are cancelled is a major issue with budget airlines. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to reschedule cancelled flights and sometimes get assistance from agents or airline representatives? Meanwhile, the major carriers would often assist you, minimize travel disruptions, and help you to cover unforeseen expenses.

Budget airlines set limits on pieces of baggage permitted each traveller apiece. This, often, isn’t an issue for light travellers but can be a little tricky or even an additional cost for others with much to carry. So, be careful not to exceed the set weight limit while packing.

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Budget airlines are known to operate smaller aircraft like airborne buses. These aircraft mostly lack the luxurious features of the major flyers and they can easily feel cramped. Their legroom can be unsuitable for travellers with body sizes above average or those with medical requirements.

The catering services on budget airlines are mostly restricted or on pre-order. They might also avail you the opportunity to order on the spot during flight which would require you pay on the spot with any currency you have.

Judging by the advantages and disadvantages of budget airlines listed here, It’s safe to say they are not so bad for short trips. You might have several other reasons why budget airlines are your preferred choice during booking. Share with us in the comment section and help other budget travellers plan well. Now that’s a wrap.

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