Concierge services can be helpful when your travel plans go awry. They understand the nitty-gritty of travelling across their countries, region or continents and use this information to provide 24/7 support to their clients.

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Concierge services are for business-minded persons who value every moment they have. Talk of travellers usually less interested in saving money – when it saves time.

High-end hotels, travel agencies and credit cards provide these services. They are more for convenience rather than haggling a better deal (as they readily incorporate luxury).

Who are the travel concierges?

Man chats up concierge services after delayed flight

Travel concierges understand the nitty-gritty of travelling across their countries, region or continents and use this information to provide 24/7 support to their clients. They have far-reaching know-how of hospitality, sites and attractions, foreign languages, indigenous telcos, and cultural groups.

They usually have agreements with different transportation providers (flights and car hires), accommodation, restaurants, museums, tour operators, and destination management companies. Travel concierges also boast the ability to secure mouth-watering offers, which allow them to facilitate international vacations effectively and at a reasonable price.

The birth of the peer-to-peer business model in recent times gave rise to the personal concierge service. Personal concierge service was designed to connect world travellers and locals for personal assistance.

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Personal concierges are locals ready to commit their extra time in assisting foreign travellers and tourists. They are often uncertified tour guides but friendly and easy-going locals (like students, entrepreneurs, artisans and errand aids), keen on augmenting their full-time pay.

What’s the use for a concierge service?

woman travels at last thanks to concierge services

Concierge services can be helpful when your travel plans go awry. For example, your flight was cancelled or delayed due to maintenance issues (MX flights) while you are at the gate already.

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You know you require an immediate solution but don’t know how to get it. Whom do you call? Rather than having to go to the check-in desk, concierge service at the airport could come handy as you may have to wait forever at the former.

What services can travel concierge provide?

waiting at the airport

Concierge services take the pain off you. You indulge the luxury of time going about airport, hotel, lifestyle or restaurant kinds of stuff.

Imagine realising you left a book on the plane while leaving the airport or having too many duffel bags arrive on a different flight. They’re like a big bouquet of worries, possibly sandwiched between your lazy jet-lagged eyes if you had travelled across different time zones.

Your concierge service provider can do a lot of things that would otherwise require you to struggle, delay, argue, wait at the airport, call the airline. All sorts of discomforting approaches.

They can get you a same-day or stand-by change in the case of flight cancellation or delay mentioned earlier. Let’s say you were booked on the cancelled 22:55 flight (YYZ-YYC) and realise you can now make the 16:00 flight. You can have them move you and print your boarding pass. You stop by the office, grab the pass and off you go – no delay, skip the queues.

For the duffle bags arriving on a different plane, your concierge service company can collect the bags and leave them by your service porch door.

Travel agent vs travel concierge

baggages can be moved via concierge services

One of the often-touted benefits of a travel concierge is that they render assistance in either a specific or multi-faceted market.

Their services also do not end after booking. The best among them assist before, during and after your vacation (in case anything goes wrong).

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For example, a client needs to find a restaurant with a vegetarian option, or the nearest masjid while on vacation. The travel concierge, who in many cases are professional travel advisors, can assist. The regular travel agent might not be able to help or doesn’t often feel compelled to help.

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One response to “How Travel Concierge Services Work, A Useful Guide”

  1. Millie Hue says:

    I love that you talked about how a concierge service provider will be able to handle a lot of things that are uncomfortable for us or anything that will stress us out such as calling an airline or waiting at the airport. Because of that, I have realized the importance of booking a Hawaii private concierge service when we go there next year. We plan to spend a couple of weeks there for our summer vacation as a family.

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