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Nigerians living abroad can pick up the F9A visa on arrival to visit Nigeria on a foreign passport. The F9A visa is one of many short visit visa options (Category F’s). It allows eligible travellers to visit Nigeria for a period not exceeding three months (90 days).

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The F9A visa, in particular, requires returning holders of other national passports to have some proof of being Nigerian. It permits both tourism and business visits. And can be procured at the Embassy in your location, of course.

It’s part of a new visa policy implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the last quarter of 2020. And it’s FREE.

Nigeria new visa policy for diaspora

F9A Visa in Nigeria - Returning Without a Nigerian passport
F9A Visa in Nigeria – Returning Without a Nigerian passport

Who’s eligible for F9A visa?

This visa on arrival pathway is available to Nigerians by birth holding another national passport(s). You must have proof of registration with the Nigerian Embassy where you are based.

In other words, your ID or birth certificate should highlight the following: 

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  1. You were born in Nigeria on or before October 1960. Either of your parents or any of your grandparents belongs or belonged to a community indigenous to Nigeria
  2. You were born in Nigeria on or after October 1960. Either of your parents or any of your grandparents is a citizen of Nigeria
  3. You were born outside Nigeria. Either of your parents is a citizen of Nigeria.

Do Nigerians with dual citizenship need visa to visit Nigeria?

F9A Visa on Arrival in Nigeria
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria – The Civic Centre

No! Nigerians with dual citizenship don’t need a prior approval letter to visit Nigeria. However, you may make do with the F9A visa on arrival if you’d lost your Nigerian passport or renounced your citizenship.

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You will be able to access the F9A visa on arrival facility if your Nigerian passport is expired (or lost). You’re required to make use of your proxy-national passport in such case.

You may have to apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate if you do not have dual nationality. The Emergency Travel Certificate is valid 30 days from the date of issue. It’s valid for one way journey to Nigeria.

Do you have to apply for F9A visa in your home country?

You can apply for the F9A visa at the Embassy in your location or in Nigeria. You may also visit the Nigeria Immigration Service website to apply in time for your arrival.

How to apply for F9A visa

  1. Complete online visa application and make payment
  2. Submit the required documents for F9A visa at the Nigerian Mission/Visa Application Center (VAC), through e-Visa System or VoA platform (desk).
  3. F9A Visa is not permitted for employment.

How to apply for F9A visa in Nigeria

  • Proceed to the designated desk (marked ‘Visa on Arrival’ at your respective port of entry into Nigeria
  • Make a payment online and print out your receipt
  • Biometric enrolment follows. The visa is, then, issued, authorised by the Comptroller General of Immigration

F9A visa requirements

  1. Visa Application form
  2. A Travel Document
  3. Passport Photograph
  4. Proof of Nigerian citizenship (Parent’s passport data page and copy of Birth Certificate for minors)
  5. Evidence of visa fee payment where applicable
  6. Evidence of return ticket
  7. Evidence of hotel reservation/host address in Nigeria
  8. Evidence of sufficient funds without recourse to public funds

F9A visa validity

F9A visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue at the Embassy. It can be put to immediate use if gotten through VoA platforms at the airport. F9A visas, procured through an e-Visa channel, must be utilised within 14 days.

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It has a 90-day duration of permitted stay (single or multiple entries). Numbers of entry per successful visa application largely depend on reciprocity with the holder’s origin passport within two years of issuance.

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