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Food tourism, otherwise known as culinary tourism or gastronomy tourism, is a kind of tourism that involves travelling, majorly to experience food. It is about the consumption and appreciation of foods and beverages in a manner that values the culture and history of a particular region.

However,this is not limited to consuming foods and beverages alone, as it also involves visiting local markets, taking cooking classes, touring food factories, and attending food festivals, among others.

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Like every other kind of tourism, this is not without some benefits. These benefits of food tourism are nevertheless beyond entertainment and satisfying our palates!

A crucial part of a people’s history and culture is their food! In other words, you can know a lot about the culture of a people or region by studying or exploring their food culture, i.e. the types of dishes they eat, how they prepare them, and even their eating habits! This therefore, allows you to try new foods and experience new cultures. You also get to know about the history and culture of the meal! According to a report by the World Food Travel (WFT), 81% of surveyed tourists believed that local meal helps them understand the culture of their travel destination.

Image by tigertravel from Pixabay

Another benefit of food tourism is its tendency to help promote local cuisines and culture. That is not farfetched since it’s a great way to attract visitors! It will also help to boost the local economy. That means that it also has economic benefits!

It also helps to mitigate the challenge of rural emigration in communities. It aids locals to develop pride in their culture, history, and traditions, in addition to boosting the local economy, thereby reducing the chances of the locals shying away from their culture and community.

Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay

Equally, it enhances the broader development of local communities. A community whose local economy is boosted will also experience growth in other sectors of the economy. That will foster entrepreneurship in the community, thus bringing about more development!

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Nonetheless, food tourism is constrained by some challenges, such as safety and hygiene, unethical and unsustainable sourcing of foods, and unfair working conditions for those in the industry, to mention a few.

These challenges notwithstanding, IT is of great benefit. And it will be of more relevance if these challenges are worked on!

Some top countries to travel to as a food tourist are;

  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • India
  • France
  • Spain
  • China
  • Thailand
  • USA, etc.

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